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You have come to the right place

if you have accuity, a brilliant memory, and a huge necessity to learn, you will easily learn the grammar of any foreign language. But this alone doesnít guarantee that you will be able to speak it easily and smoothly.

If though, grammar is not your ultimate goal, and what you really want is just to be the possessor of a foreign language then you have come to the right place.

Youíll fulfill your wish right here through simple, yet powerful trainings. One of them is Blind-Typing.

Even if you are not skilled at blind typing, you will easily switch into the mode and master the use of not only the foreign language but also a computer keyboard. Youíll be taught the latter as a by-product-skill, with no extra payment at all!

And yet, we donít want to raise false hopes by implying that you can gain something here without making an effort or having performed a certain amount of work. Nowhere on earth is this the case; you will have to work. But the trainings are very simple and while performing them, you can simultaneously be taking a rest from another activity which you are feeling a bit tired of.

What happens to you?

You look at the text in the top window and type it in. What systems are put into operation?

Your eyes, naturally, participate actively. They have plenty of work: reading the text in the top window and checking mistakes in the bottom one. The only thing that is beyond their responsibility is the control of your fingers. Your eyes are excused from doing that job.

Whatís the next system involved besides the eyes? Next goes a "device" that you speak by. What for? Why? You have probably held in mind that the text which is being typed by your fingers does not need to be voiced, havenít you? If yes, you are wrong! The text needs to be uttered!

What system comes next in the sequence? Your hands, of course! Oh! They have plenty of work! Take one of your hands and hold your opposite lower arm somewhere between the elbow and the wrist and slightly move the fingers the of the hand on the arm being held. Can you feel how many muscles are moving, under your skin? These muscles move your fingers. They are very thin and sensitive. And there are plenty of them!

It is these very muscles that grammar "gets stuck" in! Why or how does it happen? It is of no importance to us. It's quite another point that matters! It is important that the speech center and the wrist control one are situated perfectly close in the brain! It is pretty important! When both of them work simultaneously they influence each other actively.

Will that do?

No! Itís not enough to be a possessor of a foreign language. One needs to perform some more trainings. What other coaching methods should one practice in addition to the ones stated? Itís easy to understand having recalled that a person fluent in another language performs easily and perfectly these four activities:

  • easily reads and simultaneously understands the meaning;
  • writes without mistakes and has a beautiful language style;
  • easily understands what he is told by others, and
  • speaks easily and beautifully.

Trained eyes, speech systems and fingers are not sufficient to perform the above-mentioned actions decently and without getting tired. One can easily notice that the ear coaching is not covered yet. Add ear work-outs to the list and youíll have a complete set of organs and senses that need to be trained to become fluent in a foreign language.

There are still other subsystems

There are still subsystems in our body which work as reflexs when we are speaking or blind-typing.

We donít remember that we can speak so long as we are exhaling air. Therefore, our breathing plays very important role! It is this very subsystem that generally receives very little attention! Thatís why it must be added to the coaching plan in order to use oneís gift of speech with quality.

There is yet another subsystem which is automatic and which is loaded heavily during blind-typing! It is our tactile system. Tips of our fingers hit the keys. They contain many nerve endings. It is there that our tactile sensors live! When we type these sensors are working constantly!

Thatís why typing is much more effective for adaptation to a foreign language than the plain writing with a pen! Additional effect is achieved with the work done by the many small muscles mentioned above as compared with the more common handwriting method.

Through training of the above-stated bodily subsystems (and some others), we can attain proficiency in any foreign language we choose. It will be an automatic possession!

I hope, you have noticed that we havenít mentioned our memory, not a single time? Just so! In the training system it does not play a role! Memory does not matter in acquiring a foreign language! Why? Because our system empowers you with the ability to use a foreign language completely - automatically!

Perhaps, you have already guessed, that thanks to such training you will be able to use a foreign language completely in the same way as you do your mother tongue! If you guessed that on your own, we heartily congratulate you! It is really so!!



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